Afghanistan Taloqan Bazar
© Omar Sayami

Exit Ban

Winter evening in one of the bazaar roads in Taloqan: I remember this evening very well, I had just arrived from Faizabad with friends who were working for an aid organization. Actually we were on our way to Kunduz, but then we were not allowed to go on, because Taliban fighters tried to penetrate the city on the outskirts of Taloqan. A curfew was imposed on the city.

We had to spend the night in the guest house of the aid organisation. But because we arrived unprepared, without water, without food, we were around the corner, despite curfew, to quickly get the most important small things. It was quiet in the city, only machine gun fire and grenade impacts were to be heard in the silence of the outskirts of the city. Later, helicopters were circling over the city, clattering all the time. After a restless night the spook was over the next morning and we were able to drive on | Afghanistan

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