Wasserschloss Speicherstadt Hamburg
© Omar Sayami

Between Bricks

Famous photo motif in Hamburg - The moated castle is located on a peninsula in an exposed position between two canals: at the confluence of Wandrahmsfleet and Holländischbrookfleet. The four-storey building was constructed between 1905 and 1907 as part of the third construction phase of the Speicherstadt (1899 to 1912) and is one of the most famous landmarks and oldest buildings in the historic warehouse complex.

Originally, the moated castle was used as accommodation and a workshop for the harbour workers. Today, the ground floor is a commercial space for tea trading with an adjoining restaurant. A provider of oxygen therapy is located on the first floor.

Golden Fingers Plastic in the sea


  1. I have no doubt that it is a very scenic area. It’s a place that could be used for a James Bond movie or something like that.
    The way the light enters the photo is perfect.