Dubai houses architecture
© Omar Sayami

Cube View

In district Al Karama in Dubai: A potpourri of architectural styles are combined in the desert State on smallest space | UAE

At a glance Bird tower


  1. You took the words right out of my mouth when trying to describe the different forms of architecture that are in frame here. Definitely an eye-catching “potpourri”.

  2. mannigfaltige Entwürfe in klarer Schlichtheít
    (nicht immer die “Schokoladenseite” der Gebäude!)
    Ton-in-Ton vereint in der Farbgebung
    sogar der Himmel macht heute mit

  3. Urbanities where white tones rules.
    But the architectural mix is not that heterogeneous. I even think it’s quite homogeneous. All basically in the same style and color.