El Badi Palace Marrakech Morocco
© Omar Sayami

Under the splendour

In the dungeons under the el-Badi Palace in Marrakech: The palace was commissioned at the end of the 16th century by Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur (1578-1603) after his victory over the Portuguese in the "Battle of the Three Kings" at Ksar el Kebir (1578), which was extremely lucrative because of the spoils of war and the ransoms.

Under the Alawid sultan Mulai Ismail (1672-1727) the palace was robbed of all its splendour, marble slabs and even the columns were brought to Meknès on pack animals and reused there as spolia in the construction of the palaces of the new royal city. (Source: Wikipedia))

Caution on the pool edge Morning over the ports