Hotel Inya Lake
© Omar Sayami

Sleeping Castle

Foyer of the Inya Lake Hotel in Yangon, a feudal accommodation built in 1962, with lots of charm inside, outside more like plattenbau, but with a beautiful garden | Myanmar

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  1. überraschend vertrautes Ambiente
    sieht aus wie bei uns in den Fifties, wurde aber wohl von Russen gebaut ???
    nur die Lampions sind nicht ganz stilecht ;-))

    schön! danke fürs teilen!

    1. Gerne,
      ja, es wurde von den russen gebaut, auszug aus der hotel seite:
      “the hotel was a grand, impressive gesture to demonstrate the skills and technology of Russian engineers, architects and technicians who came and built what was described by the international media as the most modern hotel in Southeast Asia of that period. Construction was started in 1958 and the building was completed and opened for the first guests in October of 1962.”