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An educational centre in a difficult country.

Polytechnikum Kabul Afghanistan

Kabul Polytechnic University is the most important centre for the training of engineers in Kabul. The university was founded on 13 October 1963 as Kabul Polytechnic Institute and is located on a 60-hectare site in the Mamourin district in north-west Kabul.

The USSR made it possible to build the institute in 1963 in order to provide Afghan engineering students with a high standard of education. The polytechnic was badly damaged during the Afghan civil war, but was reopened in 2003.

Faculties of the university:
– Faculty of Electromechanics
– Faculty of Civil Engineering
– Faculty of Geology and Mining

Until the Taliban took power in August 2021, women and men studied together here, sadly now only men. | Afghanistan

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