Schwedagon Tempel in Yangon
© Omar Sayami

Buddha Gold

The Shwedagon, also known as Shwedagon-Paya, is the most important sacral building and the religious centre of Myanmar in Yangon. It is a landmark of the whole country and is one of the most famous stupas in the world. The almost 100 meter high pagoda is enthroned on a hill and shines over the former capital. The gold jewellery of the pagoda is now estimated to have a weight of 60 tons. | Myanma

FeuerCity Days on the mountain


  1. 60 tons? It’s a lot of gold!
    According to my research, Myanmar’s central bank only has 7.3 tons of gold. Any day, the bank will also get these 60 tons.

    Superb perspective, beautiful composition!

  2. A gorgeous composition with the gold that glitters in the sunlight! Interesting information as well. Thank you for the background information.