Discovery at a campsite in Collioure

Peugot 403 Frankreich Collioure

The Peugeot 403, shown here as a pick-up, is a passenger car series that was presented to the public for the first time in Paris in April 1955 and marked the step for Peugeot to become an internationally successful large-scale production manufacturer.

Peugot 403 Frankreich Collioure Pickup

The 403 was the first Peugeot to exceed the million mark; in total, just over 1.2 million vehicles were produced. In addition, the model was sold to more countries than any other Peugeot model before.

Herbst Peugeot 403 Spiegel

Source: Wikipedia

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  1. prachvolle Kühlerfigur
    und das Blatt auf dem “Herbstspiegel” liegt tatsächlich immer noch da ! ;-)