Arastar-Basar Istanbul Türkei
© Omar Sayami

Gähnendes Warten

Zur späten Stunde im Arastar-Basar, ein kleiner Basar neben der Sultan-Ahmed-Moschee (Blaue Moschee) in Istanbul: Geduldig warten die Ladenbesitzer auf kaufwillige Kundschaft. | Türkei

Späte Stunde im Klinker Warmes Wasser

3 Kommentare

  1. Not sure if I should be stunned by the view or enjoy the view. I fear that this photo is a result of the pandemic and keeping people away from the bazaar. I would imagine that this would be a relatively busy, packed street – full of shoppers.

  2. Given the absence of customers, the business is not paying off. And maybe the photographer didn’t even buy anything, he just photographed.
    A aisle of stores that seems to have no end.