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Rusty rails of Dreams

12 June 2017

By train to the south of Myanmar - a leisurely trip

The morning still is astonishingly chilly on the platform in Mawlamyaing, dozing wild dogs lie on the trackbed, closely circled, protecting against the early morning freshness. Sleeping travellers [...] Read
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The Old City

15 April 2017

A tour through the "Historical Park" of Sukhothai

Sukhothai literally means "Dawn of happiness". The city was 1238 declared the capital of the Thai Kingdom that was greater in its heyday more than Thailand. Sukhothai was [...] Read
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The Long Road

16. March 2017

Insights into the development of education in Afghanistan

23 Years of war, destruction, and millions of refugees have left a desolate educational infrastructure in Afghanistan. After 2001 a large part of the schools didn't exist anymore , and there are still a [...] Read
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Renaissance and Present

13 January 2017 Insights into the city hall of Hamburg. . In the big hall of the Hamburg city hall the 70-year-old history of the news magazine SPIEGEL was appreciated. Invited speakers were editor in chief Klaus Brinkbäumer, Federal Chancellor Ursula of the Leyen and the first mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz. SPIEGEL seemed first-time [...] Read Tags: | | | |

Floating Wood

25 October 2015 Since hundreds of years the carpenters of Oman build Dhaus of wood. Earlier the giants sailed over distant oceans, today they are a status symbol of the sultans and millionnaires. Only few fishermen and forwarding agents use the Dhaus. Earlier they also became in [...] Read Tags: | | | |

Rusty Times

18th October 2015 The history of one of the largest mining villages in Sardinia, the Miniera di Ingurtosu e Gennamari, starts in the second half of the 19th century, in the town of Ingurtosu. Here, zinc, lead and silver was mined on a large scale. Ruins of an ore-processing factory: the mines [...] Read Tags: | | | |

City Escapes

26 July 2015 An afternoon in the old town of Kabul. The part of town in Kabul is to be discovered only on foot. All houses are mucky constructions and many buildings are restored for a long time again. Most houses have no water connection, for it became at different places wells [...] Read Tags: | | | | |

City Moves

24. August 2014 Insights into a vibrant capital - Bangkok Tags: | | | | |

The Curse of the Water

22. June 2014

A report for the construction of water supply in Afghanistan

WWater is an especially precious property in Afghanistan. Actually, there is enough for everybody, however, in many regions the locals must wring every drop laboriously from the country. Relief organisations fight side [...] Read
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